Cross Connection and Backflow Training Seminars

Backflow Prevention Tester Training

This 40 hour program, includes instruction on cross connection theory and practice. Hands on training in testing, and troubleshooting of backflow assemblies, and the use of approved test equipment.

Assembly Tester Certification Refresher

Learn the updated testing techniques as well as review the basics in order to prepare for re-certification.  

Backflow Assembly Repair

This seminar is for all individuals whether they are currently holding Backflow Assembly Tester certification or not. Time is spent in the classroom  and provides the necessary exposure in the repair and maintenance to help individuals with the basic repair of 1/4 thru 10 inch assemblies.

Cross Connection Control Program Specialist

This 40 hour session covers the how to for setting up and administration of either a containment compliance program or internal compliance program.  


Today we have identified many toxic substances, along with waterborne diseases, which if allowed into our water or waste water systems, will create a great potential for disaster. The prevention of this type of disaster rest upon the effectiveness of the Community Water Agencies Cross Connection and Pollution Control Programs. These programs depend in large measure upon the caliber and qualifications of the Professionals charged with administering these programs. Also with the contractor or backflow assembly testers who ensure that the equipment that is installed is working properly according to recognized standards. It is also important to educate those people who may have to deal these problems on more infrequent basis, to improve customer relations.

Cross Connection Environmental, by making a variety of different seminar formats available.  CCE has the most comprehensive Cross Connection and Backflow Assembly Tester Training in the southwest. The 40 hour program utilizes the University of Southern California's Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research Manual of Cross Connection Control, Appropriate Plumbing Codes and regulations.   Cross Connection Environmental also provides training in Code Compliance and other Health and Safety issues.   


Informational Seminars

Backflow information for office staff, field inspectors, plans examiners, plumbers, irrigation installers.  Seminars can be tailored for all or any of these

Two Half Day Informational Seminars

We offer two half day seminars different areas to cover your needs.   Example: A.M. session - installation personnel,  P.M. session - office personnel.  

Cross Connection Surveys and Inspections.

This one or two day session covers the need for either containment compliance or internal inspections or both. How internal inspections relate to containment inspections, and What do Codes really say.

Laboratory Practice Time

We offer testers and those who need extra time understanding the test procedures the opportunity to use our laboratory at scheduled times for an hourly or full day fee.  Private Tutoring available on request

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